Back to the road… again and again

Letting behind a shy summer, where the cold wind, the gray clouds and the discreet rain announced an early autumn, wrapping over the city of Lisbon a dull light, full of melancholy.

It was more than three months spent in the city where I grew up, back to a culture that I know well, with the language that I fell confortable, with the habits that I am familiar… enough time to return to routines that thought were already forgotten! It was time to get close with family, connect with friends and grow relationships.

A thrill that drives to movement, craving for movement, a weariness of the routine, and enthusiasm to learn something new lead me to start a new journey and seek stops where the summer still rules.

Once again the destination is Asia, but this time starting by Turkey, the country that culturally borders between East and West, between Europe and Asia, following the mysterious Iran, finding what is today Persia, crossing the Strait of Hormuz to reach the Arabian Peninsula and then… well then we’ll see!!


Geneve Airport
Geneve Airport

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  1. José

    Surprise, surprise, … now the reports are in English.
    Please do not forget the mother language.
    In any case, the report is quite fluent but a little bit nostalgic..

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