Apply for Indian Visa in Kandy (Sri Lanka)

The process in Kandy isn’t difficult but need some patience and some extra rupees due the bureaucracy and rigid rules.

The Indian Visa Services in Kandy (IVS) is almost empty all the time, so you don0t need to wait for a long for your turn. The IVS is also easy and cheap to reach by local bus.


  • Passport (valid for 6 months and at least two blank pages)
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of Sri Lanka visa page
  • Reference Form, aka FAX
  • 3 photos (not just 2 like everywhere else)
  • fee: 6172 LKR


Some observations:

  • The Reference Form or FAX Form, can be downloaded from the official page of IVS (// Although this form is not accepted by the Kandy services and you must buy a new one (with the same information but in a different format) inside de IVS (40 LKR);
  • You can fill the form on line, but probably the officers will find some mistake and make you fill another one. If you don’t want to fill the form again and come back in the next day you can go to one of the nearby agencies that do it for you (350 LKR)… that’s why you need 3 photos, because this guys can’t upload your photo. Inside the IVS, behind a photocopy machine there’s also a man that can do it (250 LKR)

Visa applications shops_DSC_7093

Anyway, some tips that can be useful for you to fill the form:

  • If you have been in India before you must have a copy of the last visa, and mention that in the on-line form.
  • If you don’t have a previous visa stamp in the current passport, just say NO when you fill the form on line.
  • If you want to apply for 6 months visa with multiple entries you must write “all ports” in the field “port of arrival” and “port of exit”.


After you have all the paper, the process at the IVS doesn’t take more than 10 minutes.

The approval process takes 5 working days. Meanwhile you keep your passport with you.

Then on the 6th day (or later) you need to submit your passport at 9 am.

In the same day you can pick it at 4 pm.


Usually, if you already have a visa in your passport, probably you can only get a 3 months visa if you apply in a foreigner country. In your country you cam always get the 6 months with multiply entries. Anyway, this is no a official rule, just a knowledge get by my experience and information shared with other travellers.


List os countries elected for visa on arrival to India
List os countries  for visa on arrival to India



No. 675,
William Gopallawa Mawatha,
Email: [email protected]


Submission Time: 8:30 am to 2:00 pm
Collection Time: 16:00 to 17:00
Website:  //


Schedule. IVS (India Visa Services) @ Kandy
Schedule. IVS (India Visa Services) @ Kandy

How to go to IVS in Kandy:

Form the bus terminal close to Clock Tower, ask for a bus that go to Peradeniya Road.

And ask to get out at the “India visa” or at the “Amaya Channel Center” that are at the same place.

Bus ticket: 12 LKR

Bus from Clock Tower bus stand to IVS (Kandy)
Bus from Clock Tower bus stand to IVS (Kandy)


IVS location @ Kandy
IVS location @ Kandy

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