22 days in Sumatra: maps, costs and itinerary



13.4 €/day

… considering traveling solo, eating just local (vegetarian) food, no a/c rooms, sometimes dorms, travel by public transport, no alcohol and no soft drinks, making my own laundry and walking a lot on foot… Shopping and souvenirs are also not included, as well health expenses and communications (SIM card, mobile, telephone, internet…).

Costs in Sumatra:

  • room (fan): minimum 60.000 Rp up to 100.000 Rp (one person); in Sumatra the accommodation is usually cheaper that other Indonesian islands. There are many places with dorms in the cities for 60.000 or 80.000 Rp; nearby the beach areas the prices increase reaching 100.000 Rp. Most of the times the breakfast isn’t included.
  • meal: less than 20.000 Rp for a meal (local food, street-food, vegetarian meals). The water is usually free at the guesthouses, as also coffee and tea.
  • rent a scooter: 70.000 Rp/day or 100.000 Rp/day; a litter of petrol: 10.000 Rp in road side shops (at the pump station is 8.500 Rp/l)
  • angkot (small local bus): costs from 2.000 Rp to 10.000 Rp for an urban area trip.
  • ojek (moto-taxi): 10 km cost around 15.000 Rp (but the price of the ojek depends on your bargain skills and the needs of the driver, weather, time of the day…).
    At Medan the GoJek, Uber and Grab companies offer moto-taxi services, that are an easy way to move around.
  • There is only one passenger train service in Sumatra (Bandar Lampung to Palembang), so the bus is the most common option but the distances are big and sometimes the plain is the best option as the prices are not much higher than the bus, and a bus trip of 15 hours can be mande in 1 hour by plane. Still… all this Sumatra trip was done by land!!!!
  • A bus trip of 680 km costs around 200.000 Rp, in a air-con bus.
  • At Sumatra the cost with transportation increase significantly compared with Bali, Lombok or Java) as the distances are bigger. But the accommodation is cheaper than in the other islands that i visit.

Note: this trip was made duriing Jun 2017, which still is still considered the low season, when the prices of the accommodation are lower, that can be significant at beach areas.

MAP_Bandar Lampung City, Lampung, Indonesia to Medan - Google Maps-1-2
Sumatra: itinerary


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    • Stepping out of Babylon

      No I didn’t. I was coming from Java and end my Indonesian trip in Medan, where i flew to Kuala Lumpur!

  1. Tine

    Hey, what did you do in Padang, Krui and Bengkulu? Was the stopover worth it?

    • Stepping out of Babylon

      Hello! Bengkulu doesn’t worth. Padang I think one day is enough as there’s isn’t much to do than try the amazing food and have a look to the Majid Raya Sumatera (a modern arquitecture mosque). I found Krui a very cool place, small quiet with friendly people. The tourism in Krui is surf orientated, so the waves are big and the currents are strong, but is a nice place to chill. But if you are planing to travel by bus in Sumatra you must stop at cities that sometimes are not appealing, like Bengkulu.
      But Bukitting, nearby Padang, worth a visit and has quite som stuff to see during two or three days!
      Check more in my post about Bukittinggi: //steppingoutofbabylon.com/en/2017/06/bukittinggi/

  2. Ilaria

    Nice ! Thanks for the tips ! What did you do around Padang and bukittingi? Any advices ? Thanks

    • Stepping out of Babylon

      Hello. At Padang I just stay at the city, enjoying the Ramadan food!!! but at Bukittinggi there’s a lot of stuff to see around, like the Lake Maninjau, Harau Valleu… and for that i rent a scooter. I really enjoy to stay at Bukittinggi, is a small city with a vibrant market and a few interesting sightseeing nearby… check more details on my post about Bukittinggi.

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