28 days in China: map, cost and itinerary


Kunming: 4 days

Dali: 3 days

Lijiang: 3 days

Shangri-la (Zhongdian): 3 days

Daocheng and Yading Natural Park: 3 days

Litang: 3 days

Kanding: 1 day

Sertar and Larung Gar: 4 days

Chengdu: 4 days

China: itenerário
China: itinerary


18,5 € / day

… per person, considering traveling alone, eating only local (vegetarian) food in informal restaurants, markets and street-food; Sleeping mostly in hostels with dormitories, travel by public transport whenever possible; Without alcohol, soft drinks or tobacco; Communications (telephone calls and Internet) is not contemplated in this value; Shopping and souvenirs are also not included.

Note: this trip was held in May / June 2014.

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