How to apply for Indonesian visa in Bangkok

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The rules changed in 2016, so maybe the Indonesian visa system looks a bit confuse when you search information on the Internet. Basically, there are three types of Visa to enter in Indonesia for tourists:

  • Free visit visa:
    • This visa is valid for 30 days, only
    • You CANNOT extend this visa
    • Check if your passport country is on the list of the 90 countries elected for free visa
    • Passport must be valid for 6 months and must have at least one page free


  • Visa on arrival:
    • Valid for 30 days
    • You can extend this visa for more 30 days at the Immigration services in Indonesia; the processes can take three days to a week depending on the city where you apply, and you need to go 3 times to the Immigration office (apply and pay, give the passport, and collect the passport); is better to choose a Immigration office in a more touristic area as they are more prepared for foreigners that the small cities where the process get more bureaucratic; you don’t need a sponsor anymore
    • You can arrange this visa at the immigrations services at the Indonesian international airports and seaports
    • It costs: 35 USD (and must be paid in USD cash)
    • Passport must be valid for 6 months and must have at least one page free


  • 60 days visa:
    • to get the 60 days visa, you must apply for this visa before entering Indonesia, in one of the Immigration offices
    • It costs: 50 USD (and must be paid in USD cash)
    • Passport must be valid for 6 months and must have at least one page free

(see details of the application process below)


NOTE: If you have already been in Indonesia with a working visa, I got informations that the Indonesia Immigration services in Bangkok issues 60 day tourist immediately after business visa expires, without any problem!

60 days visa payment recipe
60 days visa payment recipe

Overstaying in Indonesia

If you really want to stay until the end of your visa in Indonesia, take into consideration that the day that you arrive counts as day 1, and the day that you leave the country must also be included.

If you overstay your visa you’ll need to pay a fee of 300.000 INR for each day.

60 days visa application process at Indonesia immigration office in Bangkok:

day 1: submit the application, give the passport and pay

  • at the immigration office, you’ll find the application form (you don’t need to use the ones that are on the website)
  • fill the form and proceed to the next room
  • you must give at the counter:
    • your passport, valid for 6 months and must have at least one page free
    • 1 recent passport-sized photograph
    • Copy of the flight ticket (they ask me for a return ticket but I told them that didn’t have any idea in which island I will be after two months)
  • On the next counter, you must pay the visa fee: 50 USD that and must be paid in USD cash. The banks nearby the Indonesia embassy don’t exchange baht to foreigner currencies. The only one that I found was nearby the Platinum Fashion Mall. Is better to bring the USD with you to avoid stress and long walks.
  • On the payment recipe, is written the day and hour (always in the afternoon) when you can pick your passport.


day 2: pick your passport

After two working days (minimum) you must pick your passport with the visa stamp. For that just show the payment receipt.


note 1:

the Indonesian Immigration office in Bangkok don’t give a new 60 days visa if you already have been in Indonesia for a 90 days period. You must wait 90 days outside Indonesia before apply again for a 60 days visa... but the Immigration office in Singapore don’t apply this “rule” that in fact isn’t written on the official website.

note 2:

the Indonesian Immigration office at Kuching (Borneo) the 60 days visa can be arranged on the same day.


Indonesia Immigration office in Bangkok

Visa Application Submission:

Monday – Friday: 09:00-12:00

Visa Collection:

Monday – Friday: 14:00-16:00

Watch out for the holiday calendar, as the immigration services in Bangkok will be closed on Indonesia holidays as also in Thailand holidays.


The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia

600-602 Petchburi Road, Ratchatewi, Bangkok 10400

Phone: (66-2) 2523135-40

e-mail : [email protected]

The closest metro/subway line is the Ratchathewi BTS Station, about 800 meters, but there are a few buses passing just in front of the Indonesian embassy.

Indonesia Immigration office in Bangkok
Indonesia Immigration office in Bangkok



Dress properly every time you visit the Immigration office, in Thailand or in Indonesia: no shorts, no short skirts, no bare shoulders… “dress modestly”!

20 Responses

  1. Lidia

    Hi, do you have more information about the Indonesian visa application process in Kuching?

    • Stepping out of Babylon

      Hello. Sorry but I never apply for any visa in Kuching. The Bangkok embassy is famous for make things difficult but I think that in Kuching the process should be easy and faster. good luck

  2. Loran

    Is it possible to extend the 60 day visa when you’re in Indonesia?
    Thanks. Cheers

    • Stepping out of Babylon

      Hello. yes you can and get more 30 days… after that more 30 days. You can do it in any immigration office that you can find in the main Indonesian cities. But the time that the process take as well the documents necessary can differ from place to place… the easiest that i found where in Yogyakarta and in Bali, where you can do everything by yourself in three days. Bogor (Java) has a more bureaucratic process, and there they will ask you a sponsor.

  3. Dom Markus

    I’ve never heard of this 90 days out before re-entry. Sounds like they made it up just for you… Has anyone else reported something similar, either at this consulate or any other?

    • Stepping out of Babylon

      Hello. It wasn’t made up for me at all as I never ask a re-entry visa. This information was given to me at the Indonesia embassy in Bangkok when I ask, one year ago. but as usual the immigration rules change quite often, and can even change according to the place/city/country where you apply.
      Thanks for your comment and to make this post more useful and updated.

    • Stepping out of Babylon

      correct! but if you can, please try to check for more update information at the embassy… the rules can change and sometimes not even the immigration website is updated. good luck

  4. jim

    Thank you for the information, it is correct and up to date. I obtained my 60 day social visa in Bangkok one year ago in Feb 2017 but was refused due to the 90 days policy this time. Singapore or KL do not apply this rule. Does anyone know if I can get it in Kuching as stated??

  5. AJ

    Hi. I am applying for an indonesian visa in Bangkok. When you applied for the visa was it 1 or 2 days before you were able to collect it Please? I can’t seem to find that information on the embassy’s website and they don’t answer my emails. Thank you

    • Stepping out of Babylon

      hello! you need two days for all the process. Day 1 to submit the application, give the passport and pay. Day 2 to collect the passport. Watch out because the Indonesian immigration office in Bangkok is closed both in Thai and Indonesian holidays. good luck

  6. marcus

    Hi, does the 90 day rule apply to VOA as well? We are currently on VOA and want to get the social visa in bangkok, will they apply this 90 day policy to us?

    • Stepping out of Babylon

      Hello. The 90 days rule isnt applied to VOA. In case you find more accurate information let me know to update this post. Cheers

    • Stepping out of Babylon

      Hello. As I have a european passport it wasn’t necessary any sponsor letter.
      For other countries i don’t know if that procedure is still necessary.

  7. sydne

    Hi there, thank you for this useful post 🙂 on website they say they will need a bank statement as proof of sufficient funds. did they ask you for this?

    • Stepping out of Babylon

      Hello. thanks for your words. The rules change according to the passport that you have. With a passport from EU they did’t ask me nothing about funds… and i don’t remember to hear anyone mention that!!

  8. Eric

    I am just there now with a French passport and they definitely ask for a bank statement.

    Be prepared with it everybody. Got me all stressed up zith my bank application deciding I needed to jump through multiple hoops just at that time.

    • Stepping out of Babylon

      Im sorry that it happen to you. And thanks for sharing it with others. As I mention before, the immigration rules change often and are not clear at all. have a nice trip

      • Eric

        No worries, it’s good to share experiences.

        To sum up what was asked for the tourist visa was :

        – 2 photos passport size
        – 1 copy of the passport first page
        – copy of the flight ticket in and out of Indonesia
        – copy of bank statement with adequate finance ( don’t know how much is adequate, probably is said on embassy’s website)
        – 50 usd only in dollars

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