Hello! I’m Catarina: traveller and amateur photographer.

My journey started in 2013 and led me to Southeast Asia and Indian Subcontinent: Burma (Myanmar), Borneo, Cambodia, China, India, Iran, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Morocco, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam… until now…

With this travel blog I show my itineraries, share information and give tips on how you can travel save and cheaper, hopping that my experience will help other travellers and works as an inspiration for the ones that didn’t start yet.

I’m from Lisbon, Portugal… but presently I’m wandering through the world!

Love and Respect



A call for the new, a thrill that drives to movement, a willingness to see other cultures, took me to long-term trips where every moment is a challenge to the imagination and an ongoing romance with life.


my passion: photography

my addiction: traveling

my goal: wandering as a mode of life