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Playing with soap. China


This photo was taken in Litang, a town located at Sichuan state, that was part of Tibet, before the Chinese invasion. These two girls were playing with soap in the backstreet not far from an almost unnoticed house that in fact is a Buddhist temple, where among the usual religious symbols there a photo of Dalai Lama.

Although the image of Dalai Lama is forbidden in China is not unusual to find in these remote areas people with his image hanging from a necklace, between Tibetan amulets and “malas”, the Buddhist prayer beads.

In spite of the evident Chinese presence, which stands out in the uncharacteristic Chinese modern architecture of the main street, in the dozens of restaurants that only serve Chinese dishes, and by the presence of the police, the Tibetan culture clearly dominates this area, with a large part of the population resisting the adoption of the Mandarin, with the exception of children who learn it at school, while the Tibetan language isn’t officially taught anymore.

All the photos are printed on Matte paper, with a 0.5 cm white border.

This photo is available in two formats:

LARGE: 20 x 30 cm

GIANT: 30 x 40 cm

LIMITED EDITION of 10 prints for each format.

(each photograph is signed and numbered on the back)

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