30 days in Iran: map, costs and itinerary

Distance: 4100 km

Time: 30 days

Date: October 2015





… one person travel alone, local food, public transportation

doesn’t include Visa fees


Iran. 30 days Itinerary
Iran. 30 days Itinerary

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  1. Nara Ronchetti

    I am probably too old to do it, but this is what I would like to do !!!

    • Stepping out of Babylon

      It’s very easy to travel in Iran… and safe. The roads are good, the long distance buses are very comfortable and with a lot of space. The population is very friendly and is not difficult to find people speaking a reasonable english, more between the older but also in the youngest that are still in the university! Just onside the cities it can be more difficult… but for that are a lot of tourist services organised by the hotel and guesthouses. no worries!

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