15 days in Myanmar: map, itinerary and costs

Distance Travelled: 2300 km

Length: 15 days

Date: February 2017


note: this was my second visit to Myanmar, so I skip some places, and others I visit again 🙂

The entire trip was made by bus.


16 €/day (per person)

… considering traveling with other person (is cheaper to share a room), eating just local (vegetarian) food, no a/c rooms, travel by public transport, no alcohol and no soft drinks.. doesn’t include laundry… Shopping and souvenirs are also not included, as well health expenses and communications (SIM card, mobile, telephone, internet).

Doesn’t include visa fee.

15 days in Myanmar: itenerary
15 days in Myanmar: itinerary


Some examples of costs of traveling in Myanmar (Feb 2017):

Note: the prices are in dollars (USD) but you can and should pay in Kyat, even if the guesthouse owner makes a grumpy face.

  • Sleep:

    • single room cost minimum 6USD (in Yangon you can get the cheapest prices)
    • double room cost minimum 12 USD (local guesthouses, fan, shared toilet) but be prepared to pay more than 20 USD a night
  • Move around:

    • A bus ticket from Yangon to Bangan (Nyaung-u), a more than 600 km trip, cost 10 USD in a super fancy night bus.
    • a taxi form about 20 km costs between 6000 kyats and 8000 kyats (for example from Yangon downtown to Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Terminal or to the airport
    • a shared-taxi (a kind of open van) costs around 1000 kyat for 6 km.
  • Eating:

    • mohinga at a street-food stall costs between 500 kyats to 800 kyats.
    • fried rice or fried noodles cost around 2000 Kyats (and is a huge portion)
    • a Myanmar beer cost 2000 kyats at a restaurant
    • if you eat Myanmar food at local restaurants, markets and streets stall, you spend less than 5 USD a day.


ATMs at Myanmar:

The maximum amount of cash you can withdraw at the ATM is 300.000 (three hundred thousand) kyats and is charged a commission of 5.000 kyats (all ATMs charge the same commission for foreigner cards).

Not all the ATM accepts foreigner cards but KBZ is a good and reliable option and can be found a bit everywhere.

The ATMs are available in every cities and town.

Exchange money:

Go the banks!!! It’s strange but it’s true! In Myanmar the banks offer a good rate (sometimes better that the exchange shops) with no commission. But some of them have a maximum amount of cash that each person can change a day (100 euros for example).

The bills must be in good condition, almost new, not damage or with any mark.

Myanmar Visa:

Cost: 50 USD

The process can be made online. It takes two days.


If you prefer to go to the embassy the visa fee is 45 USD.

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