14 days in Lombok: maps, costs and itinerary




13 €/day

… considering traveling solo, eating just local food, no a/c rooms, sometimes dorms, travel by public transport as far as possible, no alcohol and no soft drinks, making my own laundry and walking a lot on foot. Shopping and souvenirs are also not included, as well health expenses and communications (SIM card, mobile, telephone, internet…).

Costs in Lombok:

  • room (fan): minimum 100.000 Rp up to 130.000 Rp (one person)
  • meal: less than 20.000 Rp (local food, vegetarian meals, the breakfast was almost always included)
  • rent a scooter: 50.000 Rp/day
  • a litre of petrol: 10.000 Rp
  • snorkeling: 50.000 Rp/day (just gear)
  • bemos: around 1.000 Rp per kilometer
  • ojek: 10 km cost around 15.000 Rp (but the price of the ojek depends on your bargain skills and the needs of the driver, weather, time of the day…)

Note 1: in general the cost at Gilis are higher than Lombok, but just at Gili Air, I notice this. The Gili Meno is still quite cheap for food and with the same prices for accommodation.

Note 2: this trip was made in March/April 2017, which still is considered low season, when the prices of the accommodation could be bargain.

14 days at Lombok_itenerary

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  1. Tim

    How did you go from Kuta to Tetebatu? I haven’t been able to find any local transport yet.

    • Stepping out of Babylon

      Hello… I also couldn’t find and no one help me, so I arrange things at my guest house for a car with driver for 175.000 Rp (kuta circle homestay).
      But later I realise that you can try a cheaper solution: at Kuta there is a ojek corner, where the moto-taxi driver wait… you can try to deal the price with them. Tetebatu is about 50 km far from Kuta and I thibk is too much for a ojek, but you can ask to go to KOPANG, where there is a bus terminal. From Kopang there are many bus and bemos that make the road from Mataram to east (I did this on the opposit way)… don’t worry, if you start early in the morning you’ll sse a lot of this public transport… slow and old, but a trip cost you around 20.000 Rp for 30 km.
      From Kopong to need to go to Terara (tell the drivers that you want to go to Tetebatu, and they probably let you at the intersection.
      There are no public transport to Tetebatu, so you need a ojek, that cost 15.000 Rp (I took one on the way down).
      it look harder than it it should be, but if you are alone you can save some money.
      good luck!

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