How to go from Bali to Java by ferry boat

This is an easy and short trip between islands:

  • If you start in Singaraja you need to go to the Banyuasri Terminal to Gilimanuk during the day…. more than 50.000 Rp, I think, as no one gave me precise information.
  • I was in Pemuteran and took the same bus that passes on the main road. Didn’t need to wait more than 10 minutes. The trip to Gilimanuk cost 30.000 Rp and takes around 35 minutes.
  • The bus drops you about 300 meters from the terminal, and after you just need to walk straight.
  • When you arrive at the ferry terminal, you need to find the passenger area that is in a building after the vehicle’s entrance.
  • To buy the ticket you need to fill a form. The forms are at a board on the left side before the ticket counter.
  • The ticket is 6.000 Rp, for a passenger without vehicles. If you have a motorbike or a car you need to go to another entrance.
  • There is no fixed schedule for the departure, but I just wait 15 minutes. The ferry works 24 hours a day.
  • The berry boat trip takes about 30 minutes and drops you at Ketapang, Java.
Ferry boat Bali-Java
Ferry boat Bali-Java
form that needs to be fill to buy the ferry ticket
form that needs to be fill to buy the ferry ticket
Ferry boat Bali-Java: ticket
Ferry boat Bali-Java: ticket
Ferry boat Bali-Java
Ferry boat Bali-Java
there's always a place for prayers... even inside the boat
there’s always a place for prayers… even inside the boat

How to go from Ketapanga (ferry terminal) to Banyuwangi:

If you travel by public transportation from Bali to Java you gonna arrive at Ketapang Terminal.

If your plan is to visit the Ijen Volcano you’ll probably need to spend one night at Banyuwangi. As you exit the terminal by the pedestrian exit, you’ll be surrounded by touts trying to push you to a bemo. You can deal with them a ride to the center of Banyuwangi for 10.000 Rp… and from there walk to your accommodation or get other bemo, that costs 5.000 Rp.

If you can’t get a fair price just walk away a bit, turn left on the main road and after 200 meters you’ll see the yellow bemos. From the center (there is not really a center) you can walk to your hotel or guesthouse of get an ojek.

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