How to go from Fes to the airport

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Fes Sais International Airport is modern, organized, very quiet and clean… and conveniently located about 17 kilometers South from the medina.


The taxi (grand taxi) is the most popular way to reach the airport and it costs between 120 to 150 Dirham, being the best option if you are caring heavy luggage or if you have the chance of sharing the taxi with other passengers.

But there’s also a regular public bus from the city that passes by the airport… it’s not fast or comfortable but it’s very cheap!!!!… but you need to go with plenty of time as the schedules are not respected and the traffic can be a intense.

The reach the airport you must take the bus 16, that start Avenue des Almohades, very close to the train station. There isn’t a proper bus stand or any sign or indication about this service, but the place where the bus 16 stops is easy to find: if you come out from the train station, walk until you reach the big avenue with a roundabout, there walk to the right, about 2000 meters and you’ll find other people waiting for different buses to who you can confirm if you are at the right place. On your right side you’ll see a ground that works more or less as a bus terminal; the bus 16 stops at the main avenue just before the park entrance.

Bus to Fes airport

There’s a bus every 30 minutes but I talk with people that assume that sometimes can be one hour… I was lucky and didn’t wait more than 10 minutes.

The bus will drop you about 350 meters from departure entrance, close by a roundabout without much reference points, but that is very close to the car park and from where you can see the airport building.

Bus stop at Fes airport… there is no sign or stand that indicated where bus stops
parking area close by the bus stop

The bus ticket costs 4 Dirham and the trip takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour… but can be much longer depending of the traffic.

Bus to Fes airport: the ticket cost only 4 Dirham

If your accommodation is nearby the medina, the easiest is to take a shared taxi (petit taxi) from the Bab Boujloud (Blue gate) or from Batha; the trip takes about 10 minutes, depending on the traffic, but at peak hour it can take more than 20 minutes. At Fes, the petit taxis have taximeters and I end up paying just 5 Dirham from Batha to the Train station, despite the driver had picked up and dropped other passengers along the way.

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