Indian Northeast States: maps, costs and itinerary

Distance Travelled: 1530 km (all by land. no planes)

Length: 22 days

Date: March 2016

States visited: Assam, Mengalaya and Nagaland


All the trip was made by bus or sumo (shared jeep).



… considering traveling solo, eating just local (vegetarian) food at dhabas or local restaurants, no a/c rooms, sometimes the some of the accommodation was shared with other travelers, traveling only by public transport, no flights… no alcohol, tabaco or soft drinks, making my own laundry and walking a lot on foot instead of tuk-tuks and taxis… Shopping and souvenirs are also not included, as well health expenses and communications (SIM card, mobile, telephone, internet…).

doesn’t include visa fee


India Notheast states. Location map
India Notheast states. Location map


India Northeast States Itenerary. Itenerary Map
India Northeast States Itinerary. Itinerary Map



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